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FarmConnect leverages the technologies within Rubicon™ proven irrigation district solutions to deliver innovative on-farm automated gate and valve solutions.

Surface Irrigation Automation

Automate your surface irrigation layout using intelligent actuators and know when to irrigate and how much to apply using smart in-field sensors.

FarmConnect is a scalable IoT solution to digitize your on-farm operations – Introducing the Internet of Agriculture

The Internet of Agriculture

The Internet of Agriculture brings together connected devices and smart sensors on your farm via the AgPod which is an edge-of-field processor and broadband gateway linking to cloud-based software, enabling farmers to manage their irrigation, analyze field data and interpret real-time field conditions remotely. The open platform flexibility introduces interfacing capabilities with other on-farm IoT devices, providing a single, scalable solution to digitize your farm.

In-field sensors

In-field sensors

Integrated on-farm sensors, providing insightful data in a single interface to assist in determining when to irrigate and how much to apply.

Micro-climate weather data

All-in-one microclimatic Weather Station that provides precision data with minimal maintenance requirements.

Automated irrigation checks and valves

Automated checks and valves

Remotely operated gate actuators and high-flow pipe valves that makes surface irrigation less labor-intensive and more flexible using in-field sensors. Automate irrigations to precisely meet crop water requirements.

Automated irrigation checks and valves

Irrigation scheduling

Soil monitoring technology and analytics enable irrigators to determine when to irrigate and how much to apply to maximize crop yield and improve water-use efficiency.


The AgPod is a powerful on-farm IoT gateway with the capability to integrate both FarmConnect and third-party devices to process raw inputs to inform data-driven decisions. The AgPod features Motorola™s MC-Edge RTU with powerful edge-of-field computing features to ensure accurate and responsive calculations for automation control and data analytics. The AgPod™s unique capability of calculating ET, rainfall and applied irrigation when interfaced with the Rubicon Weather Station enables users to derive soil moisture in real-time
– a fundamental input for irrigation scheduling. The open platform provides flexibility and the capability to interface with other on-farm IoT devices, to introduce a single, scalable and powerful IoT solution to digitize your farm.

AgPod I
FarmConnect Precision Ag Software

FarmConnect Software

FarmConnect software is a cloud/web application that enables the monitoring of crops and the management of an irrigation with data derived from integrated sensors and automated in-field devices. Innovative and scalable, the FarmConnect platform enables users to irrigate using less time, effort and water.

FarmConnect Solution Overview

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